Monday, December 26, 2016

♡ Kawaii pink fluffy Christmas ♡

Murut, toivottavasti teill√§ on ollut ihana joulu! ūüíĖ

Me ollaan tyt√∂n ja kissojen kanssa oltu ihan kotosalla ja otettu rennosti. T√§n√§√§n kolmatta p√§iv√§√§ pulsu-pyjama-tyylill√§ ja miettinyt "Mit√§s s√∂isin seuraavaksi?". Meill√§ oli t√§ss√§ kuussa tosi tiukkaa, kun tuli viel√§ vakuutuslaskukin kiusaamaan ja vie yhden kolmasosan meid√§n el√§misrahasta, mutta on saatu v√§h√§n jeesi√§ ja kaapeissa on ihan oikeasti t√§ytett√§. Mahtavuutta! Ollut niin kiitollinen. Ollaan sy√∂ty masut t√§yteet, r√∂hn√∂telty, katsottu telkkarista piirrettyj√§ ja perhe-elokuvia, v√§lill√§ leikitty prinsessaleikkej√§ tyt√∂n kanssa. 

Halusin pukeutua tuossa joulun alla oikein s√∂p√∂sti karkki pinkki tyyliin, kun halusin piristyst√§ t√§h√§n pime√§√§n aikaan. Kaikki kaunis lumi l√§hti ja on ollut aikas ankeaa, mutta vaaleanpunainen ja s√∂p√∂ily on varma keino pirist√§√§ p√§iv√§√§! ♡

Honeys, I hope you had a lovely Christmas! ūüíĖ

We have been just at home taking it easy with my daughter and the cats. Today is the third day going with hobo-pajama-style and thinking "What should I eat next?". We've been having a bit of financially tight time this month, because got an insurance bill to bother and it takes one third of our living budget, but we got some help and the fridge is actually looking full. Amazing! Been super grateful. We've been eating our tummies full, relaxing, have watched cartoons and family movies from tv, played together with my girl and princess dolls. 

Right before Christamas I wanted to dress up real cute in candy like pink, because I wanted to cheer up in this dark time. All the beautiful snow is gone and it's been sort of grim, but pink and cuteness is a sure way to brighten up the day! ♡

N√§in t√§m√§n takin kauan sitten Gothic Lolita Bible:n talvinumerossa 27, joka ilmestyi 2007. T√§m√§ Angelic Pretty:n Melty Heart takki pinkkin√§ komeilee siin√§ lehden alkusivuilla koko sivun kokoisessa kuvassa. Sit√§ kovasti ihailin, koska se oli niin s√∂p√∂, mutta en koskaan uskonut saavani sellaista. Mun oli tarkoitus ommella jotain t√§m√§ntapaista ihan itse. Otsikoin mun ompelukirjaan kaikki projektit, jokaiselle on oma sivu mihin tulee piirros vaatteesta ja suunnittelen kaavojen osat. Lolita takista on edelleen otsikko siell√§ "pinkki lolita -takki", mutta koskaan en saanut sit√§ aloitettua. Vuosia my√∂hemmin t√∂rm√§sin t√§h√§n yahoo -huutokaupassa ja ei tarvitse ihmetell√§ nappasinko sen kotiin. Mulla on nyky√§√§n siis se samainen takki, mit√§ vuosia sitten ihannoin GLB-lehdess√§. Vau! Ihan uskomatonta, mutta kyll√§ lolita unelmat voivat toteutua! ūüíĚ

I saw this coat long ago in Gothic Lolita Bible winter issua no 27, which was published in 2007. This Angelic Pretty Melty Heart Coat in pink is looking adorable in a full page picture in the early page of the magazine. I was admiring it a lot, because it is so cute, but believed I could never get one like that. I was supposed to sew something like this by myself. I write the titles all of my projects into my sewing book, all things have their own page where there's a picture of the garment and planning the pattern parts. The lolita coat title is still there "pink lolita -coat", but never got to actually start it. Years later I saw this in yahoo -auction and there's no wondering if I took it home or not. These days I have the exact same coat, of which I was admiring years ago in GLB magazine. Woah! So unbelievable, but yes, lolita dreams can come true! ūüíĚ

| Coat & Headdress~  Angelic Pretty  | Shoes~  Bodyline  |
| Hair~  Gothic Lolita Wigs  | Lantern~  Ikea |

Meill√§ on ollut omann√§k√∂inen joulu, jokseenkin vaaleanpunainen. Ollaan tehty sellaisia herkkuruokia, mist√§ itse tyk√§t√§√§n ja harvemmin sy√∂d√§√§n. Tytt√§relle tein jauhelihakeittoa luomulihasta, koska yleens√§ en suostu tekem√§√§n liharuokia kotona. Ollaan leivottu gluteenittomia ja maidottomia pipareita ja koristeltu niit√§, tehty gluteenittomia joulutorruja my√∂s, mutta ne n√§ytt√§√§ enemm√§n py√∂reilt√§ kekseilt√§ ja gl√∂gi√§ pit√§√§ olla! Eilen katselin telkkarista illalla Hobitti trilogian ensimm√§ist√§ osaa ja s√∂in ihan t√∂rkeen hyv√§√§ vege vadelma mousse herkkua kookoksella. Nomsnoms~ 

Mulla on yksi lahjakin tulossa tuolla postin kuljetuksessa, hehkutan siit√§ kunhan se saapuu! √Ąidilt√§ sain uuden tehokkaaman sauvasekoittimen. (⌒▽⌒)

We've has a Christmas that looks like us, somewhat pink. We have made the kind of yummy foods which we like and rarely eat. I made some minced meat soup for my daughter with organic meat, because I don't usually agree on making foods with meat at home. We've been baking gluten and milk free gingerbread cookies and decorated them, baked gluten free plum marmalade bites as well, but they look more like round cookies than what they originally are supposed to and there must be mulled wine! Yesterday evening I was watching The Hobbit trilogy's first part from tv and ate such delicious vegan raspberry mousse delight with coconut. Nomnoms~

I got even one present on the way somewhere with the post, gonna hype about it when it arrives! From my mom I got a new more powerful hand blender. (⌒▽⌒)

Mitenkäs ootte viettäny joulua? Olitteko perheen luona? Entäpä lahjat?

How you've spending Christmas? Were you with your family? What about gifts? 

❤~ Saija Sasetar

Thursday, December 22, 2016

♥ Burgundy winter ♥

Moikka s√∂p√∂l√§iset ♥

Meill√§ oli paikallisten lolitojen kanssa ihana joulumiitti. T√§√§ll√§ on ollut v√§h√§n aikaa hiljaisempaa miittien ja niihin osallistujien puolesta, mutta nyt oli monen monta r√∂yhel√∂pylly√§ paikalla ja tuli tosi hyv√§t vibat. Toivottavasti saadaan taas Tampereelle el√§m√§√§ lolita yhteis√∂√∂n ja hyv√§ vanha fiilis takaisin. Alku ja ihmisten innostus n√§ytt√§√§ ainakin lupaavalta! ūüíĚ
Meill√§ oli todella n√§tti talvip√§iv√§ juuri tuolloin ja aivan ihana keli, saatiin talvisia asukuvia kauniissa lumisessa ymp√§rist√∂ss√§ ja oli jopa hieman valoa. Se sellainen hassu ilmi√∂, mik√§ k√§y joskus aina moikkailemassa n√§in talvisaikaan. 。Ôĺü( Ôĺü^∀^Ôĺü)Ôĺü。

Heya cuties ♥

We had a lovely Christmas meetup with our local lolitas. It's been a bit quieter with meetups and with the people attending here, but now there were so many ruffly people present and got some really good vibes. Hopefully we can get some new sparkle and life into Tampere's lolita community and good old vibes back. The start and people's enthusiasm looks promising at least! ūüíĚ
We happened to had a really pretty winter day and the weather was lovely, we got winter style outfit pictures in a beautiful environment surrounded by snow and there was even some light. The kind of funny phenomenon, which comes to say hi sometimes during winter. 。Ôĺü( Ôĺü^∀^Ôĺü)Ôĺü。

| Dress & Bows~ Innocent World | Blouse & Handbag~ Axes Femme
| Hair~ Gothic Lolita Wigs | Tights~ Lindex | Shoes~ Tapas |

Tykk√§sin mun asusta tosi paljon! No tietty koska p√§√§ll√§ oli mun upea Innocent World mekko, mik√§ on t√§ll√§ hetkell√§ ainoa japanilainen br√§ndimekko, mink√§ olen ostanut uutena. Mallin nimi on Printed Rose Gobelin Corset JSK. Saan siit√§ aina elegantin ja kuninkaallisen olon. Halusin olla jouluisen punainen, harvoin joulumiitiss√§ olen oikeasti pukeutunut punaiseen, joten nyt sitten tuumasta toimeen! Kokonaisuus on yksinkertainen ja hillitty eleganssi kiehtoo mua nyt ja se on n√§kynyt my√∂s asuissa. V√§hemm√§n koruja ja asusteita. 
Mulla tuli muhkea peruukkil√§hetys kaksi p√§iv√§√§ aiemmin ennen miitti√§, j√§nsk√§tin kovasti ehtiik√∂ paketti ennen viikonloppua ja se ehti! Yay! Mulla on p√§√§ll√§ Gothic Lolita Wigs:in Bijou peruukki blond mix:in√§ ja olen t√§t√§ kyseist√§ peruukkia tarkkailut jo kauan, ett√§ milloin se on saatavilla. Se on kauniin luonnollinen, silti suloinen ja niin p√∂rr√∂inen! Noiden rusettien kanssa saan hirmuiset Candy Candy nostalgiat! ♥

I really liked my outfit a lot! Well of course when I'm wearing my gorgeous Innocent World dress, which currently is my only Japanese brand dress I have bought as new. The design name is Printed Rose Gobelin Corset JSK. It always makes me feel elegant and royal. I wanted to be Chrsitmassy red, rarely in a Christmas meetup have actually worn red, so now was the time! The coordination is simple and toned down elegance is now something that intrigues me and it shows in my looks as well. Less jewelry and accessories. 
I received a largish package of wigs two days before the meetup, was nervous if it would make it all the way to me before the weekend and it did! Yay! I'm wearing Bijou wig in blonde mix from Gothic Lolita Wigs and have kept my eye on this particular one for a long time, waiting for it to be available. It's so beautifully natural, yet still cute and so fluffy! With those bows I'm getting major Candy Candy nostalgia! ♥ 

Mun uusimmat silm√§lasit m√§ts√§s ihan t√§ydellisesti t√§n lolita asun kanssa! T√§ysin samaa v√§ri√§! Wau ♡
Kumpi on teid√§n mielest√§ parempi: Laseilla vai Ilman? Menin miittiin enemm√§n s√∂p√∂n tyylisen√§ ilman laseja, mutta sitten laitoin ne jossain kohtaa p√§√§h√§n ja ne j√§i. On se kyll√§ ihan kiva n√§hd√§ maailma tarkasti silleen ter√§v√§piirtona v√§lill√§. Muutenhan en k√§yt√§ laseja p√§ivitt√§in, mutta silleen joskus. N√§en ilman ihan hyvin, mutta v√§h√§√§k√§√§n kauemmas ei ihan tarkenna. Olispa hauska, jos olis varaa ostaa vaikka edullisia laseja muutamassa v√§riss√§, niin vois aina m√§ts√§t√§ ne asun s√§vymaailman kanssa. (*⌒―⌒*)

My newest glasses were a perfect match with this lolita outfit! The exact same color! Woah ♡
Which do you think looks better: With or Without? I went to the meetup with more cute looking and without them, but then put the glasses on at some point and left them there. It's rather nice to see the world clearly in high definition once in a while. Otherwise I don't wear glasses on daily bases, but sometimes. I can see just fine without them, but can't focus my vision when looking a bit further. It would be so much fun if I had the funds to buy some affordable glasses in different colors, so could always match them with my color theme. (*⌒―⌒*)

Meill√§ on tullut jo vuosittainen perinne pit√§√§ joulumiitti Tallipihalla. Siell√§ on t√§h√§n vuodenaikaan todella ihana tunnelma ja saadaan varattua meille oma kabinetti kahvilasta. Herkuteltiin, tehtiin lahjavaihtarit (sain ihanat p√∂rr√∂sukat ja meikkisienen) ja sen j√§lkeen k√§ytiin kiert√§m√§ss√§ puodit. Ostin herkullisen piparkakku toffee pussin, nomnoms~ Rapsutin my√∂s lampaita ja l√§ssytin siell√§ niin kuin aina ihanien elukoiden keskuudessa. K√§ytiin viel√§ sen j√§lkeen kiert√§m√§ss√§ Stockmannin jouluosasto, miss√§ oli moni tavara tosi v√§hiss√§. Siell√§ on aina upeimmat koristeet. K√§vin siell√§ tytt√§ren kanssa silloin kun ne laittoivat niit√§ hyllyihin ja p√∂ydille, mutta oman katselu ja hipeltelyrauhan puuttuessa, ajattelin tulla my√∂hemmin ja no, emp√§ sitten ostanut niit√§ mit√§ piti. Onneksi on ebay p√§√§h√§rp√§kkeiden ja askartelujuttujen hankkimiseen! ♡

It's has become an annual tradition to held our Christmas meetup at Tallipiha. During this time of the year there's a lovely atmosphere and we can book a cabinet of our own from the cafe. We had noms, made secret santa gift exchange (got a pair of lovely fluffy socks and a makeup sponge) and after that we went to see the shops. I bought a yummy bag of gingerbread taffy, nomnoms~ I also got to pet some sheep and baby talk like I always do when in the presence of cute creatures. Afterwards we also went to see the Christmas department at Stockmann, where things had been selling well. They always have the most gorgeous decorations. I went there with my daughter when they were still placing the items on the shelves and tables, but having no time to concentrate and try the stuff, thought I'd come again later and oh well, couldn't get what I was supposed. Luckily ebay is a good place to get headpieces and crafting stuff! ♡

Oli ihana miitti ja hyv√§t fiilikset, kiitos leidit! (⌒―⌒)♡

Had a lovely meetup and good vibes, thank you ladies! (⌒―⌒)♡

❤~ Saija Sasetar

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

† What a lovely day to spent at a cemetery †

Tervehdys ihanaiset ♡

Oli kaunis aurinkoinen p√§iv√§ ja mit√§ silloin tulee synki√∂ sielulle mieleen, no l√§hdemp√§s k√§velylle vanhalle hautausmaalle ja ottamaan kuvia! 
Aika oli loppukes√§√§ ja viel√§ ei tarvinnut kaivella villasukkia esille. Mulla oli mahtavan kaunis korkeavy√∂t√§r√∂inen korsettihame, n√§ytekappale Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio:lta mink√§ kanssa p√§√§sin kuvailemaan. Kuvat p√§√§siv√§t viel√§ virallisiksi tuotekuviksi heid√§n nettikauppaan! Iiiiih ♥ Niin upeeta! Samaa sarjaa on my√∂s malleillut etenkin sosiaaliseen mediaan Misako Aoki. Min√§ ja Misako ollaan oltu mallina saman sarjan vaatteille!! Ihan uskomatonta. (*≧∀≦*)

Hello lovelies ♡

It was a beautiful sunny day and what does a darkling soul think about, going for a walk to an old cemetery and to take pictures!
It was the end of the summer and didn't have to dig up woolen socks yet. I had a magnificently beautiful high waist corset skirt, a sample piece from Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio and I got to photoshoot with it. The photos even made it to their web store as official product photos! Iiiih ♥ So amazing! The same series has been modeled by Misako Aoki, especially for social media. Me and Misako have been modeling for clothing of the same series!! Unbelievable. (*≧∀≦*)

Thorn Castle Rose Princess Corset Skirt

♡ Colors:  Black, White ♡
♡ Sizes:  S-L ♡
♡ Shirring ♡
♡ Corset lacing ♡
♡ Long lolita skirt ♡
♡ Gorgeous jacquard ♡

Hame on kerrassaan suurenmoinen ilmestys! Rakastan tuollaisia kiehkuraisia kuviokankaita ja viel√§ sifonkia kaveriksi, sek√§ korsetti! Oijjoi! Olen ihan myyty. V√§litt√∂m√§t gootti eleganssi vibat. ♥

The skirt is absolutely gorgeous vision! I love that kind of twirly pattern fabrics and there's even chiffon to go with it and a corset! Ooooh! I'm sold. I got instant gothic elegance vibes. ♥

K√§vin kiertelem√§ss√§ sellaista pient√§ vanhaa hautausmaata, mink√§ ohi kuljin bussilla kuusi vuotta, enk√§ koskaan saanut aikaiseksi k√§yty√§. Se j√§i tuonne mielen sopukoihin ja nyt halusin vierailla. Vanhoilla hautuausmailla on sellainen tunne, kuin aika olisi pys√§htynyt. Siell√§ vallitsee raukeus ja mystinen taianomaisuus ilmassa. Tunnen oloni hyvin seesteiseksi aina hautausmailla. Katselen aina syntym√§- ja kuolinaikoja, ihastelen hautakivi√§ ja ristej√§, sek√§ mietin mink√§laisia ihmisi√§ he ovat olleet, mink√§lainen perhe ja muu el√§m√§ heill√§ on mahtanut olla. Olen aina ollut kiinnostunut historiasta ja kaikki vanhat esineet ja paikat saavat tuon historiantutkijaksi unelmoivan mielen innostumaan. Uppoutuessani ihannoimaan vanhoja asioita, p√§√§dyn sellaiseen unenomaiseen kuplaan, miss√§ kaikki on sumuista, hiljaisempaa ja muu el√§m√§ vain menee ohitse. Voin t√§ll√∂in liikuttua kyyneliin asti, kuten viime vuonna Lontoossa oli itkussa pid√§ttelemist√§, kun p√§√§sin British Museum:in muinaisen Egyptin n√§yttelyyn. Viel√§kin tulee tippa linssiin sit√§ ajatellessa, se oli uskomattoman vaikuttava kokemus. Olen niin kiitollinen, ett√§ sain sen kokea! ♥

I went strolling around to a small old cemetery, which I had passed by on a bus for six years, but never got it out of myself to visit. It kind of left a mark on my mind and now I wanted to go. Old graveyards have this feeling, like time has stopped. In the air one can feel the serenity and mystical magic. I always feel very calm when I'm at a cemetery. I look at the dates of birth and death, admire the tombstones and crosses, also wondering what kind of people they had been, what kind of family and other life did they have. I have always been interested in history and all old items and places excites the mind of one dreaming of being a historian. When getting carried away adoring old things, I end up in this dream like bubble, where everything is blurry, more quiet and other life around it is just passing by. At those times I can be moved into tears, like last year in London was really working to hold it in, when I got to visit the ancient Egypt exhibition in British Museum. Still when thinking about it I start to tear up, it was incredibly effecting experience. I'm so grateful, that I got to experience it! ♥

| Silk blouse:  Thrifted  | Corset skirt:  Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio  | Shoes:  Bodyline  |
| Ringlet wig:  Gothic Lolita Wigs  | Necklace:  Restyle  | Hat:  H&M  |

Mulla oli sellainen visio t√§st√§ asusta, mihin sain inspiraatiota viktoriaanisista ja edwardian ajan viboista, sek√§ eleganssista. Kuten usein muulloinkin, halusin pit√§√§ asun yksinkertaisena ja v√§rimaailman simppelin√§ tai no oikeastaan olemattomana, koska kyseess√§ on musta ja hopean harmaa. Oli oikein ihanat leidi-fiilikset. Toivottavasti se n√§kyy my√∂s teille. ♡

I had the kind of vision of this outfit, where I got inspiration from victorian and edwardian time vibes and elegance. Like most times, I wanted to keep the outfit simple and the colors moderate or well actually non-existence, because we're talking about black and silver grey. Had really nice lady vibes. Hope you can see it too. ♡

Kiitoksia k√§ynnist√§, aivan ihanaa jakaa t√§m√§ teid√§n kanssa! (o^―^o)

Thanks for visiting, so happy to get to share this with you! (o^―^o)

❤~ Saija Sasetar

Thursday, December 15, 2016

ūüĆľ Story of a mori girl dress ūüĆľ

Moikka s√∂p√∂l√§iset ūüíõ

Ensinn√§kin, kiitos niin niin paljon rakkaat ja ihanaiset ihmiset kaikesta vertaistuesta ja tsempist√§ aiempaan postuakseen. Ootte aivan mahtavia! ūüíĚ 

Eilen tuli ihan mets√§n otus fiilis ja muuntauduin sitten t√§mm√∂iseksi luonnonlapseksi. Pukeuduin ensimm√§ist√§ kertaa kunnolla mun muokkaamaan kettu pellavamekkoon, mik√§ on ihanan pehme√§ ja mukava p√§√§ll√§. Sain innostuksen tehd√§ my√∂s pisamia, ne on niin s√∂p√∂j√§! Yleens√§ vaan ihmiset kenell√§ on pisamia, ei haluais niit√§ ja ne kenell√§ ei ole, niin haluais. Mulla on v√§h√§n nen√§ss√§, ne on n√§in talvella ihan haaleita kyll√§kin. Nyt teki mieli saada pisamanassu keskell√§ talvea, joten l√§hdin sitten testailemaan mit√§ saan aikaiseksi. (*^◡^*)

Hello cuties ūüíõ

First of all, thank you so so much dearies and lovely people of all the love and support for the previous post. You are absolutely awesome! ūüíĚ

Yesterday I got a feeling to be a woodland creature and then I transformed into this kind of nature child. It was the first time properly dressing up into a fox linen dress I have altered. It's lovely and soft and comfy to wear. I got excited to do freckles as well, they are so cute! Usually people who have them, don't want them and those who don't have them, would like some. I have a little bit of them on my nose, they are quite pale though during winter. Now I felt like being a freckled girl in the middle of the winter, so I started to play and see what I can come up with. (*^◡^*)

Eilen oli siis moritytt√∂ p√§iv√§, rento mets√§inen ja kerrostettu hippitytt√∂-p√§iv√§. Oon siit√§ ennenkin sanonu, mutta mun mielest√§ mori girl -tyyli tai mori kei, eli mets√§tytt√∂ tyyli on aivan ihanaa, koska se yhdist√§√§ luonnonl√§heist√§ hippim√§ist√§ keijutyyli√§ ja feminiinisi√§ r√∂yhel√∂it√§. Siin√§ yhdistyy mun kaksi √§√§rip√§√§t√§, se puskassa hyppiv√§ luontotytt√∂ ja materiaalisesta kauneudesta pit√§v√§ asuilija. 

So yesterday was a mori girl day, a comfy wooded and layered hippie girl -day. I have said it before, but I think morigirl -style or mori kei or forest girl style is absolutely wonderful, because it combines nature-like faerie style and feminine frills. It's a combination of my two extremity, the nature girl frolicking in the bushes and the material beauty loving dress up girl.

Mun pellavainen kettumekko on alunperin UFF:n lastenpuolelta napattu pellavamekko kokoa 164 cm ja se maksoi hurjat 2€. Pikaisesti peilin edess√§ katselin, ett√§ kyll√§ se mahtuu p√§√§lla ja niin se l√§hti kotiin mukaan. Kotona kokeilin sit√§ p√§√§lle ja se ihan melkein istui hyvin, tarvitsisi vain pieni√§ muutoksia. Mekko odotteli hetken muiden ompelujuttujen seurassa, kunnes yksi p√§iv√§ tytt√§reni ollessa p√§iv√§kodissa otin mekon pikkuprojektiksi.

My linen foxdress is originally from a second hand shop's children's section a size 164 cm flax dress and it cost mighty 2€. Quickly looked in front of a mirror, that yeah it fits and so it came home with me. At home I tried it on and it was almost fitting well, just needed a little bit of altering. The dress was waiting for a while in the company of other sewing thingies, until one day when my daughter was in the daycare I started the dress as a little project.

Btw..if I could, I would always have bare feet. It's such freedom and I love it! 

Ennen & J√§lkeen    ⇊ ⇊ ⇊ ⇊    Before & After

Ensin valitsin sopivan pitsin ja muut materiaalit. 

First I chose the suitable lace and other materials.

Sitten oli vuoro poistaa ei toivotut osat: vyö ja olkaimet. Vyö lähti helposti ratkojalla, sivuille jäi reijät, jotka ompelin sitten kiinni.

Then it was time to remove unwanted parts: the belt and shoulder straps. The belt and shoulder straps. The belt was easy to remove with seam ripper, there were holes left to the sides, of which I then fixed.

Olkaimien kanssa joutui ratkomaan useamman sauman ja huomasin, ettei sisäsaumaa ollut huoliteltu kunnolla. Sain senkin sitten fiksattua.

Had to unpick several seams for the shoulder stratps and noticed, that the inner seam was not done properly. Got to fix it too while was at it.

Mulla on järkyttävät kasat kankaita ja siellä seassa jämäpala tämmöistä vaaleaa puuvilla-pellavaa. Siitä leikkasin kaitaleen helmaan ja olkaimet.

I have enormous piles of fabric and there I had this leftover piece of cotton-linen. From that I cut a strip for the hemline and the shoulder straps

Olin saanut lahjaksi joskus kettunauhaa ja seh√§n sopi t√§h√§n t√§ydellisesti! Sit√§ oli viel√§p√§ sentilleen tasan se m√§√§r√§, mit√§ k√§ytin yl√§reunaan ja helmaan. Ei sentti√§k√§√§n yli tai ali. 

I had gotten fox ribbon as a gift some time and it was perfect for this! There was even the precisely right amount, of which I used for the top and hemline. Not a centimeter more or less.

Kaikki nämä pienet muutokset mekko sai:

✿ Postettu vy√∂ ja olkaimet
✿ Uudet olkaimet
✿ Yl√§reunaan kettunauha ja puuvillabrodyyri
✿ Alareunaan kettunauha, puuvillabrodyyri ja kangaskaitale
✿ Kavennusta vy√∂t√§r√∂lle

The dress got all of these little alterations:

✿ Removed belt and shoulder straps
✿ New shoulder straps
✿ Fox ribbon and cotton embroidery lace for the top
✿ Fox ribbon, cotton embroidery lace and a strip of fabric for the bottom
✿ Narrowing for the waist

Leikin samalla mun uusilla ihanuuksilla: Haltijakorva kuullokkeet !! ūüíĖ 
Olin ihan morityttö haltija metsäotus menninkäinen tai jotain sellaista. Haluisin pitää noita korvissa koko ajan. Ihan mahtava idea! Tein niistä vielä pienen hassun videonkin, jonka laitan youtubeen, kunhan saan sen editoitua. Mun kanava ja aiemmat videot löytyy >täältä<. (^-^)

I was also playing with my new lovelies: Elf ear headphones !! ūüíĖ
So  I was like a mori girl elf woodland creature or something like that. Would like to wear the ears all the time. Such a fabulous idea! I even made a little funny video about them, which I'll be posting on youtube, once I get it edited. My channel and previous videos are found >here<. (^-^)

❤~ Saija Sasetar