Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Bye bye blog - See you in Instagram

Hi sweeties! ūüíó

A very long time since posting here!
I never meant to just vanish from my blog and always thought if I were to quit posting, I would write about it. But the thing is, I didn't plan to quit when I did. I actually have some old drafts here waiting, but never got around to finish them. I have gotten some questions about if I'm going to continue blogging or where have I gone, so I decided to make this final post.

Many things happened around those times when I stopped posting, around two years ago. I had to cut a very toxic family member from my life and it will take probably a long time to recover from. Then I let some nasty internet rumors and systematic lolita community bullying get to me and I started feeling very insecure about this blog. It felt weird for a long time for me not to make posts and I missed it. I did this for five years and it was big part of my daily life, but now I've already gotten used to not being here.

I'm still active on Instagram, so feel free to see and talk to me there! ūüėä


Thank you for all your support and the years in this blog! ūüíó
I had loads of fun times posting and talking to you! ūüíē

♥~ Saija Sasetar