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Gothic Lolita Wigs - Blended Choco-Latte review

Hi cuties
I have another wig review for you, this time it's Blended Choco Latte from Gothic Lolita Wigs and I got lots of pictures with a few different styles. ^__^

Wig: Blended Lolita Wig
Colour: Choco-Latte (dark and light brown)
Manufacturer: Gothic Lolita Wigs
Length: base-wig about 75cm, ponytails about 62cm
Prestyling: layered, curly, bangs, clip-on ponytails
Material: synthetic fiber, can be heated up to 180'F / 82'C (lowest setting on most hairtools)
Weight: around 22oz / 620g

Cost: $59.95 USD + shipping $13 (free shipping to US)

From GLW-website:
"This wig has a subtle contrast between light and medium browns, creating a balanced blend that works well with any color coordinate. Part of our "1G" wig series, this wig is our longest blended wig and comes with two detachable pigtails to create the perfect sweet lolita look, or, without the pigtails, a fun, simple wig to suit your own style."

 !! Note that in these pictures on the wigstand the curls have been brushed out !!

~ Love the colour, natural looking
~ Comfotable and soft
~ The wig has variety of colours and also shorter versions
~ Possibilities for many many styles
~ Matches with almost any coloured coordination
~ Volumious!
~ Curls bounce slightly and it's cute
~ With the ponytails you can actually clip them through the base to your own hair, so it will definetly stay still
~ Have read that people thought it was darker, but I like the blond-ish tone of the light brown
~ Good bangs for a side swept-style

~ Quite long, might get tangles
~ Needs maintenance more than shorter wigs
~ The base-wig is not as full as it is in the shorter version

When the hair gets tangled and frizzy, you need to take care of your wig for it to stay looking good. I actually used this very wig in my upkeep-video here and also have a written instruction here.

~ Hime ~

/ Dress: TaoBao / Belt: Spiritstore / Flowers: H&M / Necklace: Glitter / Pearl-headpiece: vintage / Rings: handmade /

 ~ Sweet Lolita ~

/ Cutsew: Baby the Stars Shine Bright / Bow: offbrand / Pearls: Glitter / Rings: handmade /

 (only with the base-wig)

/ Beret: retro /

 ~ Gyaru-ish ~
(only with base wig + buns)

/ Blue shirt: offbrand / Spiky headband: eBay / Braided headband: Glitter / Pink tunic: Liz Lisa /

Earlier photos with this wig > Classic Sweet Lolita

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡

The wig is gorgeus and first I wasn't sure about the colour, but I've gotten to like it very much. This is a very versatile one, you can wear it with two ponytails, one ponytail, do buns with the ponytails, wear just the base wig, do pigtails with the base, braid it if you'd like, keep it curled or brush them out for more casual waves. It goes great with different styles. Wearing this you will definetly get some looks. The wig is also great for photoshoots. The only thing that I find a bit difficult is the length, the curls tend to get in my way a bit and then they get a little frizzy, because I have lots to do, take care of my daughter etc.. When the wig gets frizzy or tangled, it needs maintenance. In the end I do recommend this wig for everyone who easily wants gorgeus hair! ^__^

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  1. Voi vitsi miten IHANA peruukki!
    Tosi muokattava kaikkiin tyyleihin + supersuloinen väri ja muutenkin oikea unelma *___* <3
    Ja näytät ihan superkauniilta kaikissa kuvissa! :)
    Tykkäsin erityisesti kolmanneksi viimeisestä kuvasta!
    Jos saan kysyä; mistä tuo viimeisten kuvien mekko/paita on? :3 se on aivan ihana! ^___^
    Olipas kiva postaus jälleen kerran (:

  2. Kiitoksia aivan ihanasta kommentista ♥

    Viimeisten kuvien tunika/paita on Liz Lisalta..samainen näkyy täällä enemmän kokonaisena Outfits

  3. I love your wig.
    It really looks natural. Great color.

  4. Voi kun näytät tosi söpöltä *o* Meikkisi on tosi hieno ^^
    Ja peruukki on mahti <3

  5. So beautiful wig and outfits! But you're the most beautiful dear! :)

  6. Omg!! U are super adorable!!!! Luv


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