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❀ The last Hellocon 2016 ❀ post 1/3 ❀

Hi lovely cutiepie followers ♡

I feel like writing in English again, even though was just taking with people, that sometimes it's really difficult when can't find the equivalent word. Nah..gonna do this anyways! My english is not that bad, at least in my own opinion. :P

So this summer was the fourth and last Helsinki Lolita Convention, in short Hellocon. I have been in every one of them and last year helped with the organizing as well. This year I wanted to enjoy the event and not have too many engagements. Thought I did end up having one, an amazing one, but posting about it in a entry of it's own. Had time to do some shopping, talk to people, take pictures and even see some program. Yay! ◠◡◠

This year the event was in a new place and it worked nicely. The organizers did a great job and Hellocon was a success. The the theme was enchanting and elegant rose garden and the guest of honor the legendary Baby the Stars Shine Bright! We had the honor to have a BtSSB designer Kano Masumi at the event, but sadly the co-founder and CEO Akinori Isobe couldn't make it because of sudden sickness and had to stay in Japan. 

The Swedish Kawaii Ambassador Anastasia who translated Q&A moment with Masumi-san.
Masumi-san had a BtSSB shop girl Anna with her to help out. She was very sweet and told us to come say hi, if people we'll visit Japan.

There was a Lolita Project Runway, where some of the designers present at Hellocon, had to make outfits for their volunteer models from some various weird materials. I only saw a little glimpse when they started to make the outfits and partially some other programs as well. I had to be in a rehearsal and dressing up backstage, so missed some things, but have no regrets. Wish I had been able to participate in bow tying contest though. Would have been fun, but I'm happy someone I know won it!

Psst..I'll be in a new fashion and music related event called Aicon this weekend. Very excited to see what it will be like! ♡

Something from the designer's fashion show.. Belladonna, Eat me Ink me, Mossbadger, Illves, Chiringo...

A couple of Hellocon organizers picked out a few looks as the best outfit contestants and they picked two winners for it. Sorry about my crappy indoors phone picture quality. (if anyone can suggest a phone with a good and sharp camera and selfie cam, will be happy to know) Our very own Finnish ballerina lolita Elfie made a beautiful choreography for the Frog Prince play. I'm happy got to see a part of it live. Cloudberry Lady made beautiful clothing and accessories especially for this play. 

Anna Salo Photography

It was awesome to say hi to so many lovely ladies! ♡ I'm a bit awkward sometimes, but underneath it I'm actually very happy most of time. During Hellocon my depression started kicking in earlier on the same week, but I managed to enjoy myself despite of it. It was so lovely to meet Christy again, she was so cute, my favorite looks at the main event! She also brought me super yummy chocolate. ◠◡◠ I finally met Ventovir and Varis Varjo for the first time in real life! Been following both of their blogs for years and talked to online. Feels kind of surreal really, when you meet the actual talking and moving person. Awesomness! 

My Hellocon pink flower outfit 

Honeycomb Flower JSK & Cardigan set 

Dress & cardigan~  Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse~  Lindex
Shoes~  Bodyline
Bag~  H&M
Hat~  Decorated by me
Ringlets~  Gothic Lolita Wigs

Baby the Stars Shine Bright is probably my first favorite lolita brand. I did fall in love with the oldschool style back the days and been loving their style ever since! If you have been following my blog for a longer time, you know I love simple style, solid colors and old school lolita. This is the reason I wanted to wear this main piece from BtSSB to honor our special guest and to match the a little bit with the flowers and all, also to be true to my color: Pink! ♡

This dress is called Honeycomb Flower and the jumperskirt has a matching cardigan. This set dates back to 2004! I was super lucky to find it Japan Yahoo auctions and when decided I was going to wear it in Hellocon, I was storing it in my wardrobe for a while. I had actually seen this dress in while at my friend's place and really liked it, especially because of the honeycomb style fabric that feels really nice and because of the crocheted flowers. Very happy dress owner now! ◠◡◠

Above is my Hellocon haul, if you can call it that. I had prepared to spend more at the main event and buy a dress or a skirt. The ones that I actually wanted, were too expensive. *sob* Did manage to find some really nice jewelry and accessories, a summer blouse, second hand tights and a black long ega skirt. I'm happy with these, even if it felt a bit weird afterwards without a bigger purchase, but to think of it, have never really shopped that much at Hellocon. I wonder why... it's a mystery! 

I really hope there will be some Hellocon related event in 2017, even if it would not be a big convention. ♡

❤~ Saija Sasetar


  1. It was very nice event~ I was glad to see you <3 It's a pity that it was the last Hellocon but I hope we'll have some more lolita-related events in Finland! Because it's so easy to come from Russia XD

    1. It was nice to see you too! ♡ Hihi..yup, easy to travel when we are neighbor countries. There might be this surprise thingie planned for next year, but it's not yet official. ^_~

  2. Ihania karkki-ihmisiä ja Saija <3

    1. Hihii ♡ karkki-röyhelö-nukkeja! Ihanaa porukkaa, mä niin tykkään näistä leideistä ^_^

  3. That looks like a fantastic event, and everyone was dressed up so beautifully! We don't really have anything like that here in my country as the lolita scene just isn't big enough. SO I always get so jealous when I see people at such lovely events.

    Your coordinate is just perfect, I love all of the pink! I am also a little shy and awkward at these kinds of things, but I am glad you still enjoyed yourself despite feeling a bit sad. I hope it passed/passes quickly <3

  4. It was so lovely to meet you ♥ I am just in the process of writing up my Hellocon blog entry too ^_^
    Me too, I hope there will be an event like Hellocon in 2017! I definitely wanna come to Finland again ^^ Perhaps there will be another opportunity next year :3


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