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❀ Hellocon ~ Baby the Stars Shine Bright fashion show ❀ post 2/3 ❀

Hi dearies ♥

I just noticed, this there are almost 400 posts in this blog! Woah! I think we should celebrate it somehow!! What would you like? All ideas are welcome...giveaway, a video of your choice, something something.. Let me know in the comment section. There's no such thing as a bad idea!

Then to the actual topic of this post: Baby the Stars Shine Bright fashion show at Hellocon and I was a part of it! ◉◡◉ I applied as a model for the fashion shows and got an email, that I had been chosen to be in the BtSSB fashion show! I couldn't believe it..omg! Then the email said I couldn't tell it publicly to anyone yet. When I saw my friend Nita when she was visiting Tampere, she kind of quietly asked me if I had heard anything from Hellocon about the model application and we both told that we had been picked. Wohoo! ♡ ♡

Hellocon 2016 ♡ Baby the Stars Shine Bright & Kano Masumi

"Ver Placidum」 means "Peaceful spring" in Latin. It's the happy flower showers which pour on you. This one piece dress is the dress which was made under the image of the flower fairy which cast a spell on you. This dress was designed with a wish that happy time which is like flowers in full bloom will visit the girls who wear it." -Lolibrary

They dressed me up in this amazing and gorgeously detailed one piece dress called: Ver Placidum Mille Fleur. It's has been a made to order set, which includes the actual one piece dress, a ribbon veil and flower combs. In Gothic Lolita Bible  vol. 58 the cost for this is said to be 180 000 yen, that's around 1500€!! I feel very honored that I had a chance to wear such a beautiful piece. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and one of the most fabulous lolita moments of my life. ♡

BtSSB Fashion Show videos

We had a few rehearsals to practice our posing and walking, in the evening on the previous day and then again on the event day. No matter how much I will practice or go on the stage, it still frightens me every time and I'm shaking so bad and my heart is pounding. When you're on stage, it feels like you've been there forever, but really it's such a short time. It's like the time passing by is different for the one on the stage and the one watching you. I tried to repeat in my head "slow, go slowly, slooowly, don't rush, go slowly". When entering the stage I remembered it, but then somewhere in the middle I kind of forgot it and started to rush a bit. I can see it in the video. Been giving myself kind of a hard time because of it, but I wish it went well. ♡

The fashion show had a first part with Alice and the Pirated clothing and then Baby the Stars Shine Bright clothing. There were such amazing pieces and would have wanted to get many of them! I was planning to buy a pair of pink princess shoes, but they had none for sale or bags either. I guess the shoes that models were wearing, were meant for shows and photoshoots. When we were rehearsing Masumi-san said to me that my posing was very elegant. Waaah~ It made me so happy! 

The Prince and The Princess

Me and Nita backstage. ♥ She had a really nice ouji outfit very wearable, but still fabulous. Do I even need to say that I felt like a fairy tale lolita princess? Well I did! I grew into liking the dress a lot, it was very comfy to wear with that kind of cut and the movement of the dress was very pretty. The color was beautiful, I love blue and pastels, so it was a great fit. To be honest this was the first time I felt that I looked good in an a-line sack dress. 

We were goofing around at the backstage about this dress being a pregnancy wedding dress, when you don't want your family to know about it. I was also moving around like I was a jellyfish. It's not such serious business, gotta have some fun as well. Hihih~  ◠‿   ◠

Ladies and a gentleman, you were all amazing! Thank you for a beautiful fashion show ♡‿   
I'm so grateful and happy to have been a part of it!

❤~ Saija Sasetar


  1. Voi että olette suloisia näissä kuvissa! Tee juhlan kunniaksi vaikka joku video esim tutorial tms...?

    1. Kiitoksia! ♡ Kaikki oli kyllä niin upeita!
      Hmm..voisimpas vaikka tehdäkin tutorial-videon :)

  2. Now that is incredibly special and definitely a once in a lifetime experience. It still baffles me how people can afford these extraordinarily expensive pieces that come out for sale, so to wear one for the fashion show would've been out of this planet. You looked stunning, as usual :)

    1. Thank you sweetie! ♡ I have no idea how people can afford these extravagant lolita pieces, not to mention new lolita pieces and traveling to almost every lolita event there is! I just can't understand it..how come someone has so much money? o_O

  3. You look lovely and are amazing model *_* Thank You for all pics and video and sharing Your thoughts about the event!
    As for people having money- if You'll be able discover their secret- TELL ME XD hahah~

    1. Aaaws ♡ ♡ Thank you so much! You're so sweet...iiih..you're making me blush! x)
      Hihi~ YES! I'll be sure to let you know if I'll get to the bottom of this money thing! :D

  4. You look amazing! That is such a stunning outfit and it really suits you.

    1. Thanksies sweetheart! ♡ I appreciate it! ^_^
      The outfit was truely amazing, a very gorgeous piece!

  5. You look absolutely amazing omg, that dress is a work of art <3

  6. It is same price if you did buy a high end pret-a-porter dress from brand like Gucci.
    I guess people buy it to very special event in their life. But you look stunning in it.


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