Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter Lolita Outfit

Hello darlings ♥
I wanna share with you a winter coordination I wore recently when it was -15 degrees and went to buy some more fabric to my current morigirl sewing project with my grandma.
Wanted to dress up and look like a human being and not the ragged home style single mom I have been for some time during the holidays. I love wearing old and worn out clothing at home, because we rarely get visitors with my daughter. This is one of the reasons I like to dress up, because it balances my need to be comfy and feeling I look like myself.

Vintage classic lady lolita

Coat & Belt~  Vintage
Hat~  H&M
Dress~  Innocent World
Bag~  Muchacha Ahcahcum
Necklace~  Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium / Wookie ♡
Boots & Shirt~  2nd hand finds

I've had this outfit in mind for some time, but made a few finishing touches in quite a hurry actually. I was thinking, that this is one of my fastest outfits put together and it ended up being something I really liked. On my little trip to Helsinki just before Christmas, found this dark red hat from H&M and thought it was the perfect colour to burgundy themed outfits. I love hats! ♥ The edge was supposed to be other other way around, but changed it to this shape and think the hat works better like that. Whenever I wear this dark red Innocent World JSK, it makes me feel like royalty!

I love that coat! It's actually a 70's vintage winter coat and originally owned by my mom's cousin. I got it some time when I was young and used to call it teddy bear coat when I was a teenager. The big hood is the best part! ♥

When visited Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium while in London, I got to liking a cat called Wookie and they were selling Wookie necklaces! Waaah~ It's such an adorable cat necklace! ♥ ♥

It's super rare for me to dress up and not wear a wig these days. I used to love working with my hair and doing hairdos, but for a few years now, lacking the material on my own behalf. I got the length and perhaps some skills, but the hair keeps breaking and getting thinner. Some time later when putting together a post about my style history, you can see how my hair used to be. Luckily wigs look very natural these days, so can wear and do hairdos with them! :D

Btw that's my natural colour, but the tips still have some colour left from when I last time dyed them. It's kind of like blonde ombre hair. Hihih~

And my natural eye colour as well. So natural compared to most of my looks..hmm..weird..but I like it, Works for this look and outfit coordination. :)

It's finally WINTER in Finland! Yayyy!! Wohoo!! It's been around -12 to -28 degrees and I'm loving it. I prefer a really warm summer, but will take winter any day instead of cold and rainy dark weather. There's so much light outside when there's snow, can wear other than rainy day shoes, don't have to wear and umbrella or get well all the time, can go ice skating and hill sliding, can make snow castles and other fun stuff. The best part is, that it looks like a frozen fairytale world. ♡

Do you have a proper winter where you live? Do you like it? 

❤~ Saija Sasetar


  1. wow ur dress is really pretty ^^ match with ur hat ^^ so pretty

    1. Thank you Tori! ^_^
      The hat was a really lucky find, happy I got it. <3

  2. Aww I love your outfit. The hat is just perfect. :3
    Bai, Shiki


  3. Ihana asu, ihana mekko, ihana hattu, ihana nainen ^^

  4. Täydellinen lookki ♥
    Ja höh, mä antasin mitä vain jos olisi tuo sinun tukka, mun silmääni se ei näytä mitenkään oudolta tai ohuelta :) Mulla ei kerta kaikkiaan kasva solisluiden yli kunnolla, vaikka vedän kaikkia mahdollisia vitamiineja ja syön monipuolisesti x(

    1. Voi kiitos! <3
      Joillain ihmisillä tukka kai vähän silleen kasvaa vaan siihen määrättyyn kohtaan. Sun pitää hommata lisäkkeitä ja onneksi on peruukit! ^_^
      Mä ottaisin mielelläni tuuheutta lisää ja pituutta pois. Kun ottaa sellaisen 5cm x 5cm kohdan tukasta ja yrittää sitä alkaa vaikka kihartamaan, noin puolessa välissä hiussuortuvaa on enää pari ohutta haiventa. x) Hitulatukka!

  5. Kauniisti olet yhdistellyt vaatteet ja asusteet keskenään, vaikka värimaailma onkin sellainen josta en itse niin välitä :)


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