Friday, January 1, 2016

✣ Cloudberry Lady medieval inspired dress ✣

Hi sweeties and happy new year! ♡

Hope you've been having a nice timer over the holidays. Where did you spend it and did you get some nice presents?
I've been mostly home with my daughter, visited some relatives and eaten way too well..hihih. :P Bought myself some material awesomeness for Christmas, you'll be seeing them with my outfits ofc. In December our community had a Christmas meetup, which has been formed into an annual tradition to have it at Tallipiha. The armosphere is really lovely, because the place is very intimate and the surroundings speak of past times. First we visited the Christmas market at Tampere central square, but it was really crowded and just wanted to get out of there. x)

Last year's Christmas meetup you can find here and the year before that here.

I was actually way more Christmassy the day before, when I visited work and wore a burgundy lolita outfit. It's just really dark this time of the year, so if missing the right time to take outfit pictures outside, then they won't be happening and it's been raining so much, that outdoors photoshooting is not a possibility. At the meetup I was almost looking like Japanese yankee (a gang member) with my long black coat, military styled buttons and a red arm patch. Scary gothic being. x)

After the meetup and strolling around the beautiful handicraft shops at Tallipiha, me and a couple of others went into this little Finlayson church to take shelter from the rain and take some outfit pictures. We asked if it was ok and got a permission for it. It's this so called children's church and very lovely place, where many people like to have their weddings. There are table setting of seasonal biblical stories and little dolls children can play with. I've been there once with my babygirl, even though I'm a pagan, but I do enjoy historical stories.

Casual Medieval Gothic Outfit

Dress~  Cloudberry Lady
Shirt~  EMP Gothicana
Hair~  Gothic Lolita Wigs - Yaki Lace Front
Head jewelry~  H&M
Rings~  H&M, Topshop

I just had to wear my new dress from a finnish lolita brand Cloudberry Lady, which I had just bought at the Pre-Christmas Party. It's a sample piece Tuulia had made for Rufflecon fashion show and I just fell in love with the fabric and the overall style. I love medieval stuff and the kind of twirly old-fashioned patterns! Wasn't sure if it was going to fit me, since couldn't try it on with my wig at the time of the purchase, but yes, I can get the zipper to close! Wohoo! 

I'm not wearing any petticoat, so this technically doesn't qualify as lolita, but when holding the hem nobody notices..hihih. The skirt is a-line and not that big. When I tried it with my petticoats, none really looked good and the dress made this weird crinkle to the waist, so I left them out. What you think? Is it maybe just a gothic outfit or some dark otome (is there even such a thing)?

❤~ Saija Sasetar


  1. Tää on niin nätti ♥ Ja kirkko sopii kuvausympäristöksi loistavasti ^^ Itsekin olen kiinnostunut kirkoista arkkitehtuurisessa ja historiallisessa mielessä, vaikka pakana olen :p

  2. Lovely photos! Especially the ones taken in the church. That outfit is lovely. ^^


  3. Beautiful outfit, I love your hair accesorie so much!

  4. Onpa kaunis asu ja ympäristö sopii niin hyvin näihin! :) Pääkoru on tosi kaunis, mekosta puhumattakaan. <3

  5. Täydellinen asu ja kuvauspaikka! Todella upeita ja kauniita kuvia, ja kaunis malli :)
    Ihana tuo mekko! Vois haluta itsellekin :D


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