Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blue Pirate Lolita

Hi dear readers ♡
I'm a bit lazy again and writing only in english, hope you don't mind and let me know if you do! ^^
We had another meetup before Christmas, so people who couldn't make to the first one, could attend this one. I was at both meetups and this time had my daughter with me as well. I have heard about people who dislike it when lolitas bring their children to meetups, so I made sure it was alright with the organizer, dressed up my daughter in a frozen dress, which is really lolita like (it's a cupcake shaped jsk) and she had a lolita blouse underneath. She was behaving very well, didn't interrupt any conversations or anything else like that, so don't see the problem, well at least in situations like this one. After the meetup we visited a couple of stores and saw my darling Leena quickly to exchange gifts.
Sorry about the picture quality, it was a dark and a very short day..


Gift swap was a part of the meetup and this time actually remembered to participate. Got this really pretty package (which I'm definitely going to re-use as the recycling person I am) and got such a cute gift! Four coasters, that look like lace and a carousel necklace! Waaah! ♡ Been using the coasters all the time and my daughter wanted one under her paw patrol-mug...aaws~

Pirate Lolita Outfit

Blouse~  second hand shop
Dress~  Chess Story
Socks~  Ergi by Piratessan
Shoes~  Dreamv / Yumetenbo
Hair~  Gothic Lolita Wigs - Rhapsody

I got a random outfit again, not really that christmas one like the previous one either. :P Actually had this another coord in mind, but it was raining, so couldn't wear the hat I wanted and then put this thing together. It's actually a bit unusual to combine light blue, dark red and black, but in this weird way they work together. Just got this pretty scarf and immediately thought about pirates! Use to wear big scarfs and other huge pieces of fabrics on my head when I had dreadlocks and still loving the style. Made this fluffy up do with my rhapsody wig, so it doesn't get tangled while putting on and off all the winter layers.

We have bee enjoying the holidays by relaxing, eating, watching cartoons, eating, chilling and eating some more. My daughter got this train set for christmas and our cats, especially Nekku who's in the picture, were really creeped out by the self-moving train. It was so funny though. x) We made baked gluten-free gingerbread cookies and decorated them. They really look like our kind of cookies, cats and bats and loads of pink! ♥ Nomnom, they were really good!

This is my new Hello Kitty calendar / schedule book / diary. Bought it from cdjapan and was actually surprised how big and versatile it was. Been having different kinds of calendar books for a few years, first there was a Totoro one, then a Jiji one, last year got this tiny Charmmy Kitty booklet and now Hello Kitty. I like to start my new year with a new calendar and trying to fill it as much as I can, because having a really bad memory, I try to write down what I have done on each day..otherwise I don't remember. x)

✩ Already having a new calendar for 2016? What kind? ✩

❤~Saija Sasetar


  1. Oli kyl mukava miitti ♥ Ja sun tyttö oli niin söpöksi laitettu ja käyttäytyi kyllä tosi nätisti miitissä :3

  2. Happy New Year girl!
    I really like the look! It is so different and unusual <3
    Did your cookies as cute and sweet as they look like? :D

  3. Vaaleansininen ja tummempi punainen näyttää jotenki ihanan erilaiselta yhessä :D Ja noi piparit on söpöjä *_*

  4. I love your outfit. *w*
    I have a really simple calendar for this year. I didn't have time to buy a special one but I'd like to buy a Rilakkuma calendar if I will have a free time to search online for it. xD

    Bai, Shiki

    [Beauty and Destroy]

  5. Tykkään kyllä tästä asusta, yllättävän hyvin toimii värit yhteen. Oon muuten katsonut että tuo siun huivi on tonttulakki xD


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