Sunday, July 5, 2015

Feeling goth

Hello darlings <3 
Today I'm writing in english only, well most people understand it anyways. ;)
Yesterday we had a day out with my babygirl, haven't had time for those as much as would like. This week came back from Helsinki. Had a few days trip and honestly it was quite exhausting, more than usually, don't know why. Could have something to do with the fact that I'm working several days a week and don't have as much time to rest. It's still nice to be a part of something and properly get up after waking up. I'm not a morning person, so it's an achievement every time! x)

My outfit 
Tunic dress~   EMP Gothicana
Legwarmers~   EMP Gothicana
Platform sneakers~   Maxstar
Wig~   Gothic Lolita Wigs - Countess - Rouge
Sunglasses~   eBay
Necklace~   Koruvuori

Clearly been having a more dark period with my style for a while old darkling self is crawling out. Even though I wan to wear black all the time, not giving up my cute clothing. I'm a kind of a hoarder, well I like to think of it as saving. I know these periods come and go and changing all the time. So when I want to wear something else, I have it ready and don't have to spend money on the same things all over the again. 
Current fashion trends don't usually interest me, but now I really like it, that this 90's style occult grunge style is in style right now. It's on of the things that I really liked when growing up, even though some things feel really weird, like those plastic "tattoo" choker necklaces. I had those when I was in elementary school. I that old? No! Never! I refuse to be a grown up! xD

This weekend there's been happening Lumous Gothic Festival, but sadly haven't been able to attend the actual music events in the evening. Yesterday we went to this side event called Dark Market, where vendors and second hand sellers can come put their stuff for sale. 
My daughter actually got more things than me! x)
We bought a few pieces of jewelry, tiny white cat tarot cards and that cute shark plushie below. They immediately made friends with my cute gothic creature backpack. 
Afterwards we went to a playground and park for a while and there was this promotion thingie for Paulig Frezza ice coffee. Was just thinking about getting a cup of coffee, so it could not have been a more perfect timing!

Next weekend will be in Animecon at Kuopio! Come say hi if you see me, will be in gothic and steampunk styled outfit. ^___^

❤~Saija Sasetar


  1. Oh, your outfit is so cute! ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. I really love this gothic look on you! The red hair is very striking with it ^_^

    { }

  3. vitsit että sulle sopii puaninen tukka, upea nainen!! kiva asu, rennompi mutta silti siinä on juttu, noi säärystimet, Ihan mahtavat ^^


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