Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Angels fall first

An angel face smiles to me
Under a headline of tragedy
That smile used to give me warmth
Farewell - no words to say
beside the cross on your grave
and those forever burning candles

Photography & Copyright~ Kristina Salmi

Needed elsewhere
to remind us of the shortness of our time
Tears laid for them
Tears of love, tears of fear
Bury my dreams, dig up my sorrows
Oh, Lord why
the angels fall first

Sing me a song
of your beauty
of your kingdom
Let the melodies of your harps
caress those whom we still need

Yesterday we shook hands
My friend
Today a moonbeam lightens my path
My guardian

Nightwish - Angels Fall First
One of the many favorite songs of mine <3

❤~Saija Sasetar


  1. Äää! Ihan sairaan upeita kuvia *_*

  2. Hienoja otoksia! Etenkin nelonen on aivan huikea, siinä on todella jännä tunnelma. :)

  3. Wow!!! These pics are OSOM!!! <3

  4. Näistä tuli niin hienoja uuuuuu! Neljäs alhaalta on mun suosikki ♥

  5. Ohooh tykkääpäs kuvista :) !!

  6. These photos are lovely, they're so eerie and beautiful at the same time ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  7. Näistä tuli niin hienoja! Eka on varsinkin upea! Vois olla vaikka jonkin levyn kansikuva!

    Ja hyvä biisi. 😍

  8. <3 this look! amazing pictures! and I love that song too, long time ago I was Nightwish fan :)


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