Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fairies live in the forest ~ my love towards nature

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday me and my girl went for a basic food-shopping trip and to get a little package from the post office. It started to get a bit late and we ended up eating lunch at our nearby shopping center. While walking home my girl already fell asleep and I decided to take a little walk during her nap. It was quite cold, but luckily we had enough clothing and had plankets in the buggy too. :)

It's been a while since had a chance to be outside like this, mostly because I've been very stressed and tired and my daughter has had cough for over a month, because there's not enough heat in our apartment. When my girl was little, she took her daytime nap outside, everyday, even during the winter in -27'C, just had to cover up really well and she stayed nice and warm. At that time I took a walk everyday, at least untill she fell asleep. :)

Ever since I was little, I have been outside alot..me and my parents (siblings were already older) went to travelling in Finland with our caravan trailer and have spent alot of time in camping sites. It's been a normal for me, that we went to foraging for berries and mushrooms every year. There was a time when I wasn't so interested in this, propably when I was an early teenager, but even we went to chill out in the forests with my friends. As I got a bit older, I have enjoyed walks in the nature by myself and sometimes with friends who wanted to tag along. Usually I had some snacks with me, maybe some juice, always had my scetch book and pencils and I could sit on a huge rock in the sunshine for hours. It's especially amazing to see the seasons change and welcome the one.

After my daugher was born, I haven't been able to do this so much, but as she grows up, I'm going to teach her so many things and spend much time learning how to live peacefully with nature. Hopefully she will grow to respect all living things around us. I think many modern problems exists because there are no respect for anything really, which leads to the type of thinking and behaviour, that people can do what ever they want..no matter what it can do to someone else, what others may feel about it or what other consequences there might be. No need to take responsibility, because they don't have to respect or care about anything, nothing is important..

Back to the topic.. I believe there are many things around us, which most of us can not see or sense. Someone might call them angels, but I'm not really a religious person, so for me they are more like spirits. They participate in our daily lives and if you ask, they can offer their guidance and help, if it is for something, that won't mess up the purpose one is here to learn in this life. We fill our minds with movies, series and books, it is fun to imagine, but sometimes we forget how amazing the world is we're living in. If we just want to see past the ugliness people have caused here, there's a whole bunch of details that can amaze us!

There are tiny hidden places in the forests, I'm certain they are houses for little fairies and other creatures. <3 When I was little, I loved to think, that there are these miniworlds everywhere, if you watch closely, there are little caves, that could be housing for those beings, little pathways they can use to get from one place to another, little drops of water on top of leaves they can drink from... The magical world we so wish to live in, we are actually part of.

When in the forest, don't have to think about how I look or what I wear, it's enough if I feel comfortable. I don't need to put on makeup and heels or think if I look good enough or worry if someone is staring at me. No one is judging my appearance. Time does not exist, it's a bubble that leaves all worries outside of it. I can goof around if I feel like it, if some animal sees it, they don't think I should be behaving in a certain way. In the forest I'm free, but I must respect the beauty and not harm it.

I can feel the gentle sunrays that make they're way through the trees. There's is a moment of silence, when I can hear no cars or other humans anywhere near me, it's magical. The light breeze moves the last leaves of the season, that will slowly fall on the ground with their friends and colouring the slightly frozen ground. There's glitter in the sunlight the frozen humidity on top of the last green plants are making shapes that are one of a kind, there's no other alike in the world. Everything is unique.

My mind is million miles away, for that brief moment there are no troubles, no worries, no stress. I'm not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, just being here and now, enjoying the euphoria of nature. Mother nature is amazing, she's given us so many wonderful things. The huge rock formations are powerful and give strength, they are the foundations of the earth showing their might. I'm in wonderland. Everywhere I look, there are something so beautiful and simply magnificent, that my heart is about to explode!

I realised how much I love all seasons and especially this time, that it is right now in Finland. It's beond the basic autumn, when leaves are painted with autumn colours, almost all have fallen, some still remain. It's not yet winter either, but it's definetly close by. This time makes me want to have our own house, warm up the fireplace in the dark and cold evening, decorate the yard for upcoming celebrations, have friends and family over. I can see it in my eyes, the kind of suburb with families and houses close to each other, tree branches without leaves, halloween, thanksgiving and christmas close by, the kind of feeling there was in the old family movies.

When leaving the forest and seeing the conrete jungle again, it makes me wanna run to the forest and hide. I'm in a bliss. It takes while to get used to the modern scenery, but little by little it takes me over again untill the next time I can go walk hand in hand with Mother nature. ♥

❤~ Saija Sasetar


  1. Tosi maagisia kuvia *.* Hienoja nun

  2. Ihania kuvia! MEtswät on niin ihania...Itse loleilen välillämetsäkävelyillä, koska on ihanaa pitää röyhelöitä ilman ihmisten tuijotusta kauniissa ympäristössä.

  3. "We fill our minds with movies, series and books, it is fun to imagine, but sometimes we forget how amazing the world is we're living in." Thank you for saying this! I love reading books, especially fantasy books and sometimes I wish that reality was like this but I also remind myself that our world is also beautiful and that we should appreciate it. I really love this post ^-^ and the pictures you took are so wonderful.

  4. The forests really are a lovely thing, absolutely agreeing with you in that. Finland also has a good number of National Parks well worth a visit! Just a few days ago I just strolled at Seitseminen around the swamp areas, they were quite magnificent~


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