Saturday, August 4, 2012

Review - Honoo Black Circle Lenses /

Hi lovelies! ^^

This post will be only in english (sori suomalaiset :P) and gonna tell you about my current favourite circle lenses..

 Circle Lenses:

- Fynale J01 Honoo Black Circle Lens ~click~
- Origin: Korea
- Diameter: 15.0mm
- Water content: 55%
- Base curve: 8.6mm
- Life span: 1 year disposal

- Cost: $21.90 USD + shipping $4.90 USD
- Store:

- Ordered 2012-05-16
- Shipped 2012-05-17
- Received 2012-05-23

  I think it's really fast to get ordered items in a week!

 My order was well packed in a cute pink bag. I ordered circle lenses and hello kitty fake-glasses and got loads of free gifts. There was a nice card, a cute box where the lenses were packed, a cute pink case for the "glasses", charmmy kitty-cellphone charm, under eye-mask and a hair product, which you can use to make your hair to gothe direction you want and ofcourse a cute pink bear-case for the circle lenses.

You can see me wearing the glasses already in older posts here and here.

I really like black lenses, because I've always wanted to have dark coloured eyes and I feel that they make me look doll-like. I've used circle lenses for years and had a bit different kinds of black lenses before..they've been a solid black circles and I think they look a bit funny when you're own colour shows from the middle. With the lenses from shoppingholics the black colour gradually gets a bit thinner, so if your own colour peeks a bit, it doesn't look that awkward

Okies, then how then the lenses look on me..
Window light

After I had already removed my makeup, I realized I had forgot to take a picture without the circle lenses. x) I put my lenses on before I put on make up, so I could not take a comparing picture at the beginning.

 In conclusion I think these are really nice lenses, I have currently three pairs and these are the ones I use the most and will definetly order again from, good products, fast shipping and lovely freebies. ^^



  1. Ihanat lasit! Mäkin haluun! :3
    Ja mua ei ainakaan haittaa vaan englanniks kirjottaminen :D

    1. Kyllä mä vielä suomeksi kirjottelen. ^^

      Psst..mulla tulossa varmaankin jossain kohtaa tulevaisuudessa arvontaan tuommoiset lasit ;)

  2. Hyvältä näyttää circle lenssit! Ja nuo lasit on kans söpöset! ^^

    1. Lasit ,tai no sangoiksi niitä pitäis ehkä kutsua, on kyllä tosi ihunat ^^
      Mulla on punaisena samanlaiset ja haluisin ehkä vielä mustatkin :P

  3. Really pretty lenses and I love your wig. Its so pretty ♥

    1. The wig is Wavy Chocolate Brown from Gothic Lolita Wigs, it's one of my favourite of all the ones I have. ^^

  4. Oh, I love circle lenses. You look so beautiful and cute. :3

    1. Hih..thank you ^^
      Yup, I love them too, so great these days that eye colour is so easily changed. :D

  5. You look so stunning! I really like your style. Follow u :D x

  6. thanks for comment:)

    I love your original style! :)

    Greetings from Poland~

  7. Niinku suomalaiset ei englantia ymmärtäis...

    1. Ei ihan kaikki, mutta suurin osa kyllä. ^^
      Kirjoittelen kuitenkin molemmilla kielillä jatkossakin.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you ^^
      I love kind of a heavey make up and eyeliners :)

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