Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bodyline shoes 160

Hi cuties ^^
This post will only be in english (sori taas) and I will tell you about my newest lolita shoes from Bodyline.
These are my first pair from this store and when I was about to order, I tried to google about the size..are they smallish or big sized or.. and found a lot of answers telling the size is a bit different with different pair of shoes. I found a hint that I should try to find a review of that particular shoe I want and I think I couldn't find any with these, so I decided to make one! :D

~Link to the shoes~

The shoes are off white-coloured and they are made from synthetic leather. Heel is 9cm and platform 3cm, which leaves 6cm difference, which is not so bad. :)

The size was very accurate! Usually I need shoes that are 24-24,5cm from the inside of the shoe (eu 38). With these the 24cm are perfect, because there's lots of room for your toes. For me the size was perfect fit. ^^ I had to make some extra holes to the straps, because my feet are very high arched. There was just enough strap tomake them good for my size.

My shoes, together with some socks, arrived fast as always from bodyline, but there was no box for the shoes. The packing could have been better, but luckily the shoes were unharmed.

I have used these once, with this hime-outfit and walked alot all over town, in parks, on the streets and they got these weird wrinkles on the platform. I don't think I weight that much thou. :P The shoes were quite confortable to walk in, except one little thing..I got kind of a bruise to my left foot from the shoe's edge, where the two bows are. The edge is not really that soft and somehow kept hitting my feet, but only the other one..weird. I guess these are not really ment for walking many kilometers.
A problem that I have with almost all high arch needs support,
which almost any shoe doesn't have and it leaves a huge empty space under my feet.
I needed white lolita-shoes and I think these are good for hime-style and gothic as well. I really think these are good quality shoes for the price they cost, which is 31€, can't even get many normal shoes with that amount of money. :P

I don't care what anyone thinks, but I really like bodyline. They have good quality products for quite normal prices, someone might say that they are cheap, but not for me. When I went to check the link for the shoes I noticed some new shoes, a bit more expensive ones, but really nice..hihii..I would love to buy more and more shoes! x)



  1. Kiitoksia ^^
    Lolita-kengät on niiin ihania! ♥

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    I love it!

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  5. those shoes are so cute!!!! *3*

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