Monday, September 1, 2014

Kesän ostoksia ~ Summer shoppings

Muih ♡
Kokosin tälleen yhteen postaukseen kaikenlaista mitä oon tässä ostellu. Nää on siis pidemmältä ajalta, ettei todellakaan minään kertaostoksena. :P Materia on eri paikoista eri reissuilla, osa on jutuista mistä on joo postannu ja osa mistä on juttua tulossa. Tällä kertaa tämmöinen sikinsokin sekapostaus kaikesta materiaalihömpästä, mitä on taas nurkkiin kertynyt.

Heya ♡
I gathered all kind of thingies that I'v ebought into one post. These are from a longer period, so definetly not a one time purchase. :P The materia is form different places on different trips, some from which I have already posted and some which are coming. This time a mixed messy post about all material thingies, that have taken home with me.

Emily Temple Cute-salopette, Anna House-headdress and pink flower hairdeco from Creme de la Garderobe.

 Helsinki shoppings & clip-on bangs from Elfie

Free stuff + bunny-hat & btssb cat socks from Siiri at clothing exhange meetup.
I wanted to buy the socks alerady at Hello Con from second hand sales, but after thinking about it and went to buy them, they were gone! Luckily they found me again and now I have kitty socks! =^-^=

Sale finds from Cybershop for casual wear.

More casual sale purchases..

These are from Dark Market organised with Lumous gothic festival, the sweater is a second hand buy, then a peacock-feather hairstick thingie and a nice find - kira imai lolita cards! ♡

Some blouses from sale and found really good quality pastel tights aswell, later bought same ones in pink too.

More from summer sales, really like the princess necklace and have some thing towards turqoise at the moment, don't know why. I love it that forehead jewelry is fashionable, because I've always put necklace to my head and played they are elven jewelry. ^___^

These lovelinesses are from Animecon, the little twin star unicorn plushie is so cuuute! ♡

Talkin to myself jewelry - such cute thingies!! .. avender is the newest colour addition to my wardrobe

Taidekuja-finds, where people can sell their own thingies and art..the catpic is a magnet and so cute, love it that it's not a print, but every piece was handmade by the artist! The chain on the Rarity-necklace is a bit too masculine for me and might change it..if I see the seller again, gonna get another MLP-piece from him. ^^

New figure, usually get one every year from conventions :)

Last ones are from J-List: a Angel Wing hoodie  ..

.. Sumikko Gurashi  boxes ..

.. Kiki's Delivery Service bento bag, Heart silicone cups, Deco bento furikake foronigiris and Pink nyanko tong ..

 .. and a new temari bento, my first more traditional styled ^___^

 Ostin muuten just mun toisen toivelista-vaatteen..iiih! En malta näyttää sitä teille kunhan se tuolta Japanista sitten kotiutuu :D

Btw I just bought my second wishlist-clothing item..iiih! Can't wait to show it to you once it gets home from Japan :D

❤~ Saija Sasetar



  1. I love it all, its all so cute! :)

  2. Nuo Cybershop paidat on ihan super mageita! *_*
    Ihania ostoksia kaikki kyllä, ja innolla odottelen toivelista-vaatteesta postausta ^^

  3. Oooiii ku kaikkea ihanaa oot löytäny <3 Näin sua muute animeconissa mutta jonotin justiin johonkin ja sä viiletit mun ohi niin nopiasti etten kerinny reagoida mitenkään :D Oisin tullu moikkaa mut en enää löytäny sua :<

  4. Super söpöjä ostoksia!<3 Mistä ostit noita pastelliin värisiä sukkiksia? Kiitos jos vastaat ^^

  5. Kaikkia ihania löytöjä! Tuo yksisarvisen sarvi on kyllä huikee! :D


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