Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review - Gothic Lolita Wigs - Princess Ariel

Hi cuties 
I decided to do my first wig-review! ^__^
 ..and since I have so many, I'm planning on doing more of these. Please feel free to leave comments, questions and feedback of the review and of the wig ofcourse.

Wig: Ariel from Princess Collection by Gothic Lolita Wigs
Colour: burgundy
Length: about 74cm (from top of the head to the longers curls)
Prestyling: layered, curly, poof, bangs
Material: synthetic fiber, can be heated up to 180'F / 82'C (lowest setting on most hairtools)

Cost: $48 USD + shipping $13 (free shipping to US)

From GLW-website:
"Our Princess Collection is insprired by the Japanese fashion sub-culture of Hime Gyaru which literally translates to "Princess Gal." This style is very reminiscent of glamorous 60s poofs worn by the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda (as Barbarella)."

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~ Enough poof, but not too much
~ Very princess-like curls
~ Comfortable to wear
~ Volumious bangs, good shape, not too long
~ Can be styled to look different
~ Comes in many colours
~ Great for hair accessories, like headbands, bows..
~ Goes with different styles, like lolita, gyaru, gothic, glamour...
~ If wanted, the poof can be also hidden
~ The fibers are quite soft and the wig itself has a lot of hair

~ Quite long
~ Gets easily frizzy
~ Needs mainteinance more often
~ This colour looks a bit fake with flash
~ Looks a bit too fancy for everyday-wear
~ The longest curls might get a bit tired after wearing the wig alot

This is a very important part for a wig owner. When keeping the wig in a good shape, it will last for years and will always look like new. For upkeep instructions visit these >> written and video.

! Note that the pictures have not been edited in any way, only used slightly lighter and darker mode of the camera and cropped some edges.

Thank you for visiting!

Hugs and kisses



  1. Tosi ihana peruukki *o* Voi että! Sopii sulle myös tosi hyvin :)

    1. Kiitoksia ♥
      Mulla oli jossain kohtaa fiksatio hommata tuommosia tumman punaisia peruukkeja :P

  2. so pretty! i love the wig omg looks great on you too <3

  3. Ohh what a pretty color! And it's so long too! Really seems like a good product :D The color suits you! Actually when I saw the small thumbnail on my feedreader on first glance I thought you were a different blogger (who has her hair in a similar color and often wears it hime-style) XD

    Do you store all your wigs on such "plastic-heads"?

    1.'s easy to change appearance with wigs, that's one reason I love em. :D

      I store my wigs in bags in my closet, this way they don't collect dust. I have couple of cheap wigstands, but I only use them when I'm planning on wearing a wig and then it's nice and ready. ^__^

      Hmm..could do a post about wig storage! :P

    2. Yeah, makes sense :D I was just wondering because I just got myself a wig (my first) and I was thinking about it. Thanks :D

    3. No problem ^__^ ..and grats on your first wig!

  4. That burgundy wig looks great on you. I just purchased a burgundy wig from them (Countess Collection). Planning on wearing it in 2 weeks with my Gothic outfit at a Halloween Meetup!

  5. Oih, todella kaunis peruukki <3 Sopii sulle tosi hyvin! Näytät kauniilta :)

  6. This one is so pretty! but it seems to be a bit too long
    I'm waiting for my very first wig to come right now and I'm really excited! Keep doing this, I find it very useful *-*

    Stella ~

    1. I agree that the wig is very long, that's why it's more of ashowy wig than for casual wear.

      Hihii..I'm excited for you too! It's great feeling when getting newwigs and for the first one especially! :D

  7. So beautiful wig! You look really pretty! :3

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment as always ^__^

  8. Kiitos peruukki kuvista sivuillasi. Kävin katsomassa cothic lolita wigsin tarjonnan. Olen itse kalju, (en omasta valinnastani)ja olen ostanut itselleni kolme peruukkia ja katselen uusia avoimin silmin.
    Näytti todella kauniilta tuo peruukki sinulla.

    1. Lisääkin peruukkiaiheisia postauksia on tulossa ja oikein kiva, jos voin auttaa näkemään hieman erilaisempia peruukkeja. ^__^

  9. Oot kyl tosi nätti tos peruukis :)

  10. Wow, you look so stunning. That certainly does suit you a lot.


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