Sunday, November 13, 2016

Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio ♛ Thorn Castle

My co-model is outshining me, the cutest tiny cat Viiru from Cat Cafe Purnauskis ♡

Hi darlings! ♥

I have done the most amazing collaboration with an indie lolita brand Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio from China and gotten a chance to model their amazing clothing pieces! ♡◡♡
I got a pile of posts to show you once I get them done, currently I'm very sick with a possible feverless pneumonia and waiting to get more examinations done next week. So taking my time, bare with me sweeties! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

This photoshoot we did in collaboration with LNSE and Sanni Saarenmaa Photography, on the same day we had this awesome pirate shoot, if you missed it, you'll find it here Pirate Lolita - The Great Voyage. This dress is from a newly finished Thorn Castle series collection and the one I am wearing is a Navy blue Vest JSK II, currently on pre-order. It is an early version, so some tiny details have been changed for the final version. I'm also wearing a black blouse from the same collection, it's one of the most comfy lolita blouses I've ever worn! Honestly! The material is super soft, the fit is great and it still looks super elegant. 

At the time I was still working at Cat Cafe Purnauskis, so I asked a permission so we could come take photos on a Sunday when the cafe was closed. There are two red couches, the "sharp ears" mean cat ears and I went to buy some rose pedals meant for crafting, these were the ingredients we used to build the photoshoot around the outfit. Sanni did an amazing job as usual and I think we had loads of fun. I got to be an elegant lolita having afternoon tea at a cat cafe with adult cats and kittens, can't think of many things that could be better! ♥

| Headpiece, Blouse & Dress: Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio |
| Hair: Countess wig by Gothic Lolita Wigs | Shoes: Bodyline |

Thorn Castle series

I'm wearing:

"Have you heard the legend about the enchanting black thorns wrapped around those tremendous iron gates? Touch the thorns of roses grown on the castle gate, and something extraordinary will happen…The scent of roses will drive the wounded man into the castle, and get lost in the endless corridor."

Behind the scenes

Let me tell you something about cats; most of them love to be a part of what you're doing, hang around you, check all the items that move and are new. Cats are supposed to be the center of attention, they are after all fluffy gods of the universe. You can imagine what it was like to move furniture around and try to take photos while there are 10 cats around, four of them kittens! At times it was very amusing. (≧◡≦)

Lumi (=Snow in finnish) was very interested about the softbox reflector, well it was a new interesting hiding place! She's very lady-like and social little girl. We placed a veil hanging from the cat's climbing tree and the cats got super excited about it! They tried to hunt the edges on the floor, hide underneath, climb it and whatever they could thing of. Had to take the cats down every once in a while or re-place the veil after they had been messing around with it. Luckily cats are super cute and even if they do something more or less forbidden or naughty, they will get away with it. ♥ Purrr~

Photos by Sanni Saarenmaa Photography

My honest opinion about the dress? I love it! The print is very majestic regal and I think it can be coordinated with many different styles..already got more ideas for this piece! ♡
I think you might have somehow noticed that I like things that are a bit different, same goes with this dress, because it's a vest dress. There are vests and vest-like coats in gothic lolita and ouji style, but I don't remember seeing something like this before and I'm loving that there is something new and different. Shaking things up a bit, perfect! 

Thanksies for visiting, happy to show these to you! (^―^)

❤~ Saija Sasetar


  1. Ihania kuvia, varmasti ollut kyllä mielenkiintoista pitää kuvaukset noiden uteliaiden miukujen keskellä :D

  2. Tosi makeita kuvia! Hauskaa nähdä behind the scene-kuvia kanssa (vaikka se nyt rikkoikin illuusion, laita seuraavalla kerralla ne vaikka ihan postauksen loppuun niin wow-efekti säilyy loppuun asti!) :D Ruusunlehtiset hyvä lisäys myös. :)

  3. Tosi kaunista! <3 Toi vaatesetti on kerrassaan ihana, huolisin tuollaisen itsekin koska tahansa!

  4. I used to own a jsk from them. But I sold it.
    I wonder about they still use the low quality sewing thread, because the all the other materials was really nice.


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