Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Elvenpath ✣ Fantasy elven photoshoot

Hearing music from the deepest forest
Songs as a seduction of sirens
The elf-folk is calling me

Tapio, Bearking, Ruler of the forest
Mielikki, Bluecloak, Healer of the ill and sad
Open the gate and let me follow the uncarven path

It's the honesty of these worlds
Ruled by magic and mighty swords
That makes my soul long for the past

The moonwitch took me to a ride on a broomstick
Introduced me to her old friend Home Gnome
Told me to keep the sauna warm for him

At the grove I met rest-the folk of my fantasies
Bilbo, Sparhawk, goblins and pixies,
Snowman, Willow, trolls and the seven dwarfs
The path goes forever on

As I return to my room
And as sleep takes me by my hand
Madrigals from the woods
Carry me to neverland
In this spellbound night
The world's an elvish sight

~ Nigtwish - Elvenpath

Photography by Pii Photo

Wig: Wig is Fashion  |  Dress: Topshop  |  Hairjewelry: H&M

❤~ Saija Sasetar


  1. Wow! I adore elves and faeries! Magical!

  2. You brought so much nostalgia right now, I love Nightwish, especially the older stuff. <3 And the photoshoot looks amazing, very elvish indeed. Whou would've thought that this dress is from a high street shop, it fits the look and the theme so perfecty! :D

    1. Thanksies dear ❤ I love older Nightwish as well, really the band is dead to me after Tarja left. The dress was really a lucky find and even though it was a bit pricey for me, just had to buy it! :P

  3. Miten upeita kuvia! <3 Haltioissa on sitä jotain, upeasti olette saaneet toteutettua tämän kuvauksen. ^^

  4. Kengät pistää silmään!
    Jotenkin oletin että haltijat yms tanssahtelevat metsikössä paljasjaloin :D
    Kauniita kuvia :)

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